About Eight

Eight is a digital agency that can be likened to a mixture of an advertising agency and an IT company. We help companies with the digitalization process while finding creative solutions and expressions. Our office is in Linköping, but our staff work in a network across several locations. Eight works with customers all over Sweden where we focus on Östergötland, and the major cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We also work on international missions.

How do we work?

Today, it takes something extra to break through the noise. We love pushing the boundaries of communication and always think outside the box when coming up with an idea. By combining our curiosity with our long experience, we try to find the right balance for each brand.

We believe in long-term partnerships and we want to work closely with our customers. Our focus is to come up with unique ideas that move the brand in the right direction. Although our ideas are unique, our work process is standardized to deliver efficiently.

What do we do?

Eight creates digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. The aim is to create clear messages and strengthen the relationship between the intermediary and the recipient. Our portfolio includes brand design and development, digital systems and applications, and mobile communication with a focus on animation.