Let us design and develop your brand

We create brands that inspire and leave a lasting impression. A good brand has a life of its own and we want to make sure it takes you where you want to go.


A logo is central to a brand and a symbol that quickly identifies the company. The logo should be perceived as appropriate and consistent with the objectives of the brand. A good principle is to aim for simplicity and something easy to remember. This makes the logo versatile and can be used in many different forums.

AMRA Medicals logotyp

Graphic components

We design digital components such as icons, infographics, characters and illustrations to help you deliver your message and reinforce your brand.

Design system

A design system consists of design principles, components and guidelines that facilitate the development of digital services and platforms. Not only does it enable more efficient development work, but it also provides a common thread in the system and facilitates future updates. Examples of components are forms, buttons and checkboxes, but also templates for different flows, meters and the parts of a system that are reused.

Graphic identity

To take control of the brand, a company can use a graphic identity consisting of the components that represent the company. Examples include colors, shapes and the company logo. A graphic identity is a system that standardizes a company’s communication by setting guidelines for the use of visual language. At Eight, we develop the brand and compile the identity into a graphic manual.