Education and training

We enhance your organization by packaging and sharing your knowledge.

Knowledge brings freedom and the ability to reach new levels. We offer online training design, onboarding, digital instructions and the creation of learning management systems (LMS).


Online training or e-learning is an effective way to continuously develop employees and share knowledge with customers. We can help you develop training materials and design a layout that suits your business and objectives. Eight is also the founder of the modern education system XP Studio, where users can create educational experiences in multiple languages and share them with employees, customers, partners, and even use them for marketing.

E-learning som presenterar ETP Transmissions produkter.
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Give your new employees a flying start by introducing your business with onboarding. Onboarding is a series of online training courses that introduce your business, products and processes. The new employee is more quickly ready to make a difference.

Educational marketing

At Eight, we know that those who are generous in sharing their knowledge succeed in more effective marketing. We’ll help you create an interactive experience that is entertaining, educational and provides you with hot leads. By connecting the experience directly to your sales system(s), the leads end up directly in your sales funnel.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Eight has development experience in several digital academies. With the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, we have developed the XP Studio platform where a digital academy can be built. It allows you to create courses and manage participants in a simple and time-efficient way.