We help you with solutions that create new opportunities.

A good application streamlines and facilitates a process while being educational, well-structured and easy to use.

Homepage / Website

Eight assists businesses in developing and operating websites. Whether there is an existing website or the brand is newly established, we develop a strategy, a tailored design and a long-term, scalable website.

Landing page

We know that every visitor’s time is precious and that seconds can make the difference in converting a new customer. At Eight, we create creative and effective landing pages for presenting products and services. The goal is to create an experience where the message is packaged in a memorable way and leads to new customers, leads and prospects.

Mobile app / Web app

We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as web apps that use the device’s browser. The development goes through a standardized process where we focus on creating a stable and memorable user experience. We offer complete solutions where we take responsibility for the development and operation of your system. Based on your preferences, it is possible to integrate existing systems or develop new systems for example for administration or push notifications.

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Digitalization is an umbrella term for making processes more efficient by using digital systems. It can work both as a reinforcement of existing processes or to replace a process completely. Based on the organization’s objectives, we develop an optimized digital strategy that we implement ourselves or in collaboration with the organization’s existing partners.

User interface (UI)

We design user interfaces (UI) that provide a clear and modern experience of a system, mobile app or web application. Through a clear strategy, we develop a user experience (UX) that streamlines and concretizes digital services and products. We also offer design and development of design systems that create a common thread through apps and reinforce a brand’s identity.