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Eight Digital Agency blends creative communication with innovative development. We are experts in design and brand development, website and application creation, as well as mobile communication with a focus on animation. 

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Logo design and brand development

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WordPress plugin for project systems

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Eight offers three different packages where you choose the level that suits you. All packages provide you with a uniquely designed website, powered by a high-speed professional server.
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🌟  Brand

We create brands that make a lasting impression and inspire. A good brand has a life of its own and we want to make sure it takes you where you want to go.

🤖  Digital

At Eight, we love to think outside the box and sometimes technical solutions and systems can open up completely new possibilities.

🍏  Education

We offer online training design, onboarding, digital instructions and a complete learning management system (LMS).

🍿  Motion

We produce videos and animations that stand out, while conveying the message in an educational way.