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WordPress plugin for project systems

Eight Digitalbyrå together with Wide Media have created a WordPress plugin that takes the audio industry to the next level.
PS Plugin - En Wordpress-plugin som kopplar ihop PS med en hemsida.

At Eight, we love challenges and always strive to break barriers and create unique experiences for our customers. That’s why we were so excited to begin our collaboration with Wide Media to develop a WordPress plugin that integrates their groundbreaking PS project system.

PS – The perfect tool for the audio industry

Wide Media is behind the voice company Online Voices, which has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the audio industry. With the introduction of PS, they have created an all-inclusive platform ranging from voice casting to billing. PS makes it easy for users to publish demos, manage votes and monitor usage through a single, intuitive web widget. Adapted for all devices, PS provides the tools to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

The value of insight

We at Eight Digitalbyrå have had the privilege of being a customer of Online Voices for a long time. We have bought many different voices in a variety of languages. Our experience with the process and the unique needs of voice casting became an invaluable basis for development. A particular example of this was the introduction of the Voice Wizard feature, which was directly inspired by our own requests. Through the Voice Wizard, users can easily browse through randomly selected voices based on their preferences. With just a few clicks, users can sample five different voices. This gives them an exciting opportunity to discover new talent in an instant.

A WordPress plugin that makes it clear

The WordPress plugin retrieves important information about each demo from PS, allowing us to use advanced filters, including you can filter on different demo types. This feature is very useful and makes it clear when the user is looking for something specific, such as the following voices in conversational tone or characters.

Thanks to our understanding of the voice industry and our great partnership with Wide Media, together we have created solutions that are at the forefront of the audio industry. A WordPress plugin that will change the way voice talent is discovered, managed and used in the digital age.

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