High performance and security website

Eight offers four different packages where you choose the level that suits you. All packages provide you with a uniquely designed website, powered by a high-performance professional server.

Websites that give you more customers

We know that every visitor’s time is precious and that seconds can make the difference in converting a new customer. At Eight, we help you create websites that effectively promote your business and your offer. We help you create an experience where the message is packaged in a memorable way and converts according to your goals.

Website of Online Voices
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A website that gives you higher rankings

We offer you a unique website that is developed with a good and thoughtful structure. In addition to making sure your website is lightning fast and provides a pleasant and responsive experience, we make sure you have good technical SEO, which is the basis for ranking high on Google. On top of this, we improve your SEO by helping you design texts and find keywords that fit your business.


A website for start-ups that want to get their digital presence up and running quickly.
24 900


The solution for growing businesses with a website that increases online visibility.
49 000


An optimized website with maximum performance that takes your business to new levels.
99 000


For established businesses that need large numbers of visitors to their website.
199 000

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Website of Online Voices

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