Grebo EL

Website for electricians

With a 34-year-old in the business, Grebo EL decided to renew its digital presence. They hired us at Eight Digitalbyrå to help them with a new website that reflects their commitment and innovation.

Grebo EL are more than just an electricians. With a rich history dating back to 1989, they have constantly strived for innovation and development in their field. Their team of certified professionals offers services ranging from advanced installations to energy saving and maintenance of electrical and security systems.

Given Grebo EL’s broad portfolio of services and their ambition to constantly grow and develop, it was a challenge to create a website that could fully represent their brand and expertise. In addition, we needed to integrate modern digital solutions that responded to customer needs.

The first step was a deep dive into Grebo EL’s core values and vision. Through several meetings with their team, we were able to clarify their wishes and expectations. A key focus was to highlight their wide range of services, from partnerships with public bodies to emergency repairs for private individuals.

But what really distinguished this project from other electricians in the industry was a booking function where both private individuals and companies could book an electrician within just 4 days. In the booking system, we aimed for simplicity and clarity. By integrating an SMS system, we were able to ensure that customers are reminded of their appointment, while the electrician in question receives the necessary information about the customer on his phone.

Throughout the process, we had a good cooperation with Grebo EL, with frequent consultations and thus finding the core of their communication. Grebo EL is a good example of how traditional expertise can naturally merge with digital innovation. At Eight Digitalbyrå, we are proud to have been part of this transformation and look forward to continued collaboration with Grebo EL in their communication and digital solutions.

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