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Mobile app for the food industry

Matkejdan was a mobile app developed for Almedalen and used blockchain technology in the food industry.

During Almedalen 2018, East Sweden wanted to highlight how blockchain technology can be used in the food industry by offering visitors a mobile app. The event consisted of a lecture explaining the basics of blockchain and how this technology could ensure validation in the food industry.

To exemplify this, we created a mobile app called Matkedjan in collaboration with Vreta Kluster and Visual Sweden. The app was a prototype that showed how the user could easily scan food to see its entire process.

Visitors to the event were served a sandwich with a QR label. By opening the mobile app and pointing the phone’s camera at the label, the specifications of the product were animated. The user could then click through to see the entire chain of the product. For example, we could see the journey of the roast beef. Where the cow was born and raised, where it was slaughtered, transported, prepared, packaged and finally served. On a map, we could also show the geography of the journey.

The mobile app gave visitors a taste of what the future could look like and an educational presentation on how blockchain technology can be used.

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