Explanatory video of Train Seat Refurbishment

Product modeled and animated in 3D.

Artex is a textile company that refurbishes various types of furniture. Among other things, they are renovating lots of public transport seats for buses, metro and trains.

For the Nordic Rail exhibition, we helped Artex produce a film showing the benefits of refurbishing train seats. By using a CAD model of a train seat, we were able to create a photorealistic 3D model. Then, with the help of animation, they were able to transform the train seat into new condition.

To create a photorealistic replica of a product, we are careful to study the product, turning and twisting to get every angle right. Using materials, lighting and animation, we can then present the product effectively.

The key to a successful film at a trade fair is to stand out. Otherwise, it is easy to get lost in the noise and information overload. Therefore, we used bold messages, colors and animations that are very different from other actors’ communication in the business area. The movie was about 3 minutes long and below is an excerpt where we see the animation of the train seat.

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