AMRA Medical

Logo design and rebrand

New graphic identity and logo design for medical device company AMRA Medical, which is finding new markets with its product.
AMRA Medicals logotyp
AMRA Medicals logotyp

In 2022, AMRA Medical developed a new strategy for the clinic market. Their product is used by analyzing MRI scans to produce data and visualization of internal fat and muscle. The new strategy involved a focus on the Body Composition Profile (BCP) which is a value similar to a BMI with very high precision. In this context, we at Eight helped with a rebrand to indicate change and the brand’s new direction. This involved logo design, website design, templates and all visual aspects of the brand.

When we started the process of designing the logo, we did a pre-study where we looked at the history of the company, the goals of the company and the industry as a whole. Here we were able to find various important points that we wanted to include in the work on the logo and the brand as a whole.

MRI is central to everything AMRA does and it was important that there was a visual link to this. We also wanted to include the individual as the aim of AMRA’s offer is to improve people’s health.

AMRA Medical’s logo design consists of a monogram of the letter A. The triangular shape of the letter represents the company’s three core values – Actionable, Trusted and Knowledgable. The triangle is cropped by a minimalist visualization of an MRI where the dot also symbolizes an individual.

The logo is easy to use and has good visibility regardless of its size. The color is called AMRA Blue and is available in PMS, CMYK and RGB. This ensures consistency in both print and digital environments. The logo is a registered trademark in the US and Europe.

For the publication of the new logo, we produced a launch film that presents the logo in an effective way.

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